Your mind may not go straight to heating and cooling systems when thinking of fun facts, but there are a few that may add a smile to your day (or at least make you think “Well that’s interesting”). Hopefully you found this page from a social media post and are coming here to find the answer…so let’s not keep you waiting in suspense.

Quiz #1

In what year was the first air conditioner created?

While there were many crude air conditioning efforts in ancient times going all the way back to ancient Egypt, the first electric air conditioner got its start in 1902. Though 1902 is the answer we’re looking for, it wasn’t until the 1920s that residential homes began to be equipped with air conditioners.

Quiz #2

What were the first major public places to use air conditioning?

While the stock exchange added air conditioning in 1903, we’re not counting that as a “major public place.” Movie theaters is the answer here. Movie theaters would advertise a cool place to go in the summer and movie houses would produce their best movie releases during that season. Thus the birth of the concept of a “summer blockbuster.”