Sunmor Estates, nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, California, is a neighborhood that exudes charm, character, and a touch of history. This desert community is a testament to the post-war boom of the mid-1950s, when the Alexander Construction Company responded to the demand for stylish and affordable suburban homes.

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What sets Sunmor apart is its distinctive architecture. The neighborhood is a treasure trove of Mid-Century Modern design, with homes crafted by the Alexanders and their trusted architect, William Krisel. These homes boast clean lines, open-concept living spaces, and expansive glass windows that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. They perfectly capture the renowned ‘Desert Modernism’ aesthetic that Palm Springs is known for worldwide.
Walking through Sunmor is like stepping back in time. Palm-lined streets, vintage cars parked in driveways, and desert landscaping complement the iconic flat-roofed homes of the era. It’s easy to envision the glamorous cocktail parties that once graced the neighborhood and continue to this day.
But Sunmor is more than just architecture. It’s a vibrant and welcoming community, where residents take pride in preserving and maintaining their homes. During Modernism Week, an annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion, and culture, many homeowners even open their doors for tours, sharing their passion with others. This event is a highlight of Palm Springs’ cultural calendar and eagerly anticipated by Sunmor residents.
The location of Sunmor adds to its allure. Conveniently situated near the Palm Springs International Airport and a short drive or bicycle ride from downtown, residents have easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment. Art lovers will appreciate the proximity to the Palm Springs Art Museum and the numerous galleries that dot the cityscape.
Outdoor enthusiasts will find a haven in Sunmor. The majestic peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop and offer a plethora of hiking trails to explore.
In essence, Sunmor Estates is not just a neighborhood; it’s a living piece of history, a dream for mid-century modern enthusiasts, and a tight-knit community that cherishes its unique heritage. It’s a lifestyle that embraces the glamour of the past while enjoying the conveniences of the present, all under the perpetual sunny skies of Palm Springs.

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