Located in the vibrant downtown district of Palm Springs, California, the A+D Center is a hub for showcasing the unique architectural and design heritage of the city. This striking museum is housed in a beautifully restored mid-century building, designed by E. Stewart Williams in 1961. The building itself is a historic landmark and exemplifies the desert modernist style that Palm Springs is famous for. With floor-to-ceiling windows and clean lines, the A+D Center seamlessly integrates into the desert landscape, embodying the indoor-outdoor living ethos of the desert modernism movement.

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Step inside the A+D Center and you’ll find a dynamic array of exhibitions that focus on architecture and design from the 20th century to the present day. These exhibits feature local, national, and international designers, architects, and artists, showcasing a variety of mediums including architectural drawings, models, vintage photographs, and contemporary art installations.

The A+D Center is also home to a significant collection of architecture and design objects and archival materials. The preservation, study, and sharing of these collections make the museum an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and design enthusiasts.

But the A+D Center is more than just a museum. It is a place of education and community engagement. Through lectures, panel discussions, and tours, the center encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of architecture and design. It sparks conversations about the role and impact of design in our daily lives, inspiring creative thinking and a broader understanding of the transformative power of design.

Furthermore, the A+D Center provides a platform for both local and international architects and designers to showcase their work. This fosters a dialogue between the historical and the contemporary, the local and the global. Visitors can expect to see groundbreaking contemporary design installations alongside exhibits dedicated to legendary figures of mid-century modern architecture.

The Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center is a dynamic hub for exploring the design principles that have shaped Palm Springs and the wider world. Its existence is a testament to the importance of design and its impact on society. Whether you’re an architect, a design enthusiast, or simply curious, the A+D Center invites you to explore the world through the lens of design and architecture.

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