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Heating Contractor Cathedral City

Heating Contractor Cathedral City

Utility costs can be a serious concern. Rather than keeping your heat settings uncomfortably low this year, call Desert Air Conditioning Inc to see how we can help. Each heating contractor in Cathedral City, CA has the experience and know-how to clean and improve the efficiency of your current heating system, or can help you decide on a new heating system for installation in your home or business. Call an Air Conditioning contractor today to find out how you can save on your utilities bills this year.

Heating Contractor Installations

Did you know the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests heat pumps that are more than 12 years old and boilers that are more than 15 years old be upgraded? Newer models are more efficient and use less fuel or electricity, thereby having the benefit of being both more cost-effective as well as having a lower environmental impact.

At Desert Air Conditioning our heating contractors in Cathedral City can walk you through the different options for heating units and their various benefits. Working with a variety of manufacturers, our selection has something to fit every size home or office as well as every budget. We seek out the best warranties in order to ensure you are getting the most for your money.

Maintenance Heating Contractor Services

In addition to installations, your Cathedral City heating contractor has ways of keeping your current heating system working at its best. We offer a maintenance package that cleans your heating system, checks it for leaks, and replaces any faulty parts. Making sure that everything is running at its best will also help lower your utility costs. With our thorough 20-point service plan nothing gets left out. Not only will we have it running at its most cost-effective and efficient mode, we also check for safety. Making sure that gas or carbon monoxide leaks are not getting into your home or office. Every part of your heating system is gone over to ensure that moving parts are lubricated, safety controls are working, and your thermostat reading is accurate—and that is just to name a few points we go over!

The Heating Contractor Cathedral City Trusts

When you call a heating and air conditioning specialist with us you are getting 60 years and three generations worth of experience. As a locally-owned, family-run business we care about the work we do. We guarantee our work because we want to ensure you feel completely satisfied. When your heating system fails or has a problem, we are able to get to you quickly. Our heating contractors dive well-equipped service vehicles so they are prepared to fix just about anything without needing to wait on parts.

We offer an up-front list of services and costs, so you feel comfortable knowing what is being done. Our experienced team has worked on nearly every model and year of heating system out there, and are prepared to fix whatever problem you may have. They are also happy to answer any of your questions, should they arise.

We are also available when you need a heating contractor in La Quinta, Indian Wells, Indio, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and anywhere in between!

Contact Desert Air Conditioning today for all your heating solutions.

Cathedral City, California

Cathedral City, CA has some interesting tidbits of history. For example, in the 1930s several depression era night clubs were opened by the “Purple Gang” out of Detroit. Prior to that “Cat City” was know for its bootlegging ways during the prohibition era.  In addition, the area has a rich history owing to its long inhabitants, the Cahuilla Indians. More about this and other information about Cathedral City, California can be found at the Cathedral City Library, the pulse of all the happenings and history of the area.