When Is The Best Time To Maintain Your Furnace?

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The furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home, but did you know that it can also be one of the most expensive? Maintaining your furnace at least once a year not only ensures it will continue to run efficiently and reliably for years to come, but it can save you money on heating and cooling bills. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best time to maintain your furnace.

What is furnace maintenance?

Furnace maintenance is the servicing and cleaning of your furnace. When you schedule annual maintenance and inspection, the technician will check for worn or damaged parts that may cause problems in the future, such as gas (carbon monoxide leaks) and electrical wiring issues. A professional can also determine if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. They can give you valuable information on how to save money by upgrading certain features of your unit.

When should I get my furnace serviced?

There is no best time of year when furnaces need to be maintained. However, it would help to get it serviced before the cold weather sets in, like during fall. This is because your heating system will be running the most during this time, and a technician can help you ensure it’s up to par before your bills start climbing.

How often should I service my furnace?

Your furnace should be serviced at least one time a year. However, if you notice that your home is not staying warm or taking longer to heat up, you may need routine maintenance. Sometimes, there might be symptoms that your furnace needs to be serviced before you notice a drop in the temperature. If that’s the case, call a technician for help!

What are some signs that I need to have my furnace serviced?

There are several warning signs your furnace needs servicing or could be on its way out. Here are some signs to look out for:

Rising heating bills

When your heating bills keep going up, it could be a sign of an issue with your furnace. It may not be running the way it should or working as efficiently as possible. This should tell you it’s time to schedule fall furnace maintenance.

Your furnace is making strange noises

If you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from your unit, it may be time to call a technician for help! A furnace tune-up will ensure that everything with the system is running correctly and not causing any problems.

Smoke or smell is coming out of the vents

If smoke or a burning smell is emitting from your unit’s vent, this could indicate that something may be wrong with your system! Something is probably burning inside the system that shouldn’t be burning. Heating system maintenance will ensure that your home is safe and free from unwanted gasses or other substances.

No warm air is coming out of the vents

When your furnace is not producing warm air, this could indicate that there’s a problem with it! The chances are that one of the components inside the unit has blown up and needs replacing to restore the functioning of the unit.

What are the benefits of maintaining your furnace?

There are many benefits to maintaining your furnace. Here are just a few:
– Your heating bills will be lower: When you have your unit serviced, it means everything is working as efficiently as possible. This can help save money on heating costs in the long run.
– Your furnace will last longer: Your air conditioner will run efficiently after the service, which means your unit may last longer. This can save you money in the long run on buying a new system or repairing an old one.
– Your air quality will be better: Routine maintenance ensures that your indoor air quality will be better. You can breathe easier knowing that no harmful gasses or other substances are coming out of the vents!
– Your home’s safety is increased: Having a technician service your furnace means you know it works properly and won’t cause any issues in the future. This increases security for all who are in your home.

What are some DIY furnace maintenance tips?

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for the professionals to schedule HVAC maintenance. Here are some DIY tips to help keep your furnace running its best:
– Change the air filter: Like with a regular vacuum, furnace filters need to be changed regularly so that everything is working as efficiently as possible! Your technician can give you more information on how often this should occur depending on the type of filter and how much you use your furnace.
– Clean around the unit: Dust and other particles can accumulate in areas behind and around the furnace! It’s important to make sure these are constantly cleaned so that everything works properly.
– Remember to turn the system off: Make sure to turn your air conditioner’s circulator and pilot lights completely turned off when you’re not using them. This is a good tip for those going on vacation and know that they won’t be home often!
– Reduce the heating load: If your HVAC system is running, but you don’t need it to be as hot as possible, make sure the thermostat isn’t set too high. It’s much more efficient to have a lower setting and turn up the heat once you see warmer air coming out of vents than having your system constantly on at its highest setting.

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