How Will I Know If My Air Conditioner Is Going Out?

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An air conditioning unit is one of the most essential appliances in a home. It keeps our living spaces warm when cold and cool when hot to guarantee continuous comfort. But just like any other home appliance, ACs are not immune to the effects of wear and tear. The more you use it, the more its functionality continues to deteriorate. This blog post considers signs your air conditioner is going out.

Strange noises

This is one of the most obvious symptoms that your air conditioner needs some repairs. If you hear unusual sounds such as creaking, rattling, and thumping, it might signify that something has gone wrong with its inner mechanisms. These noises come from loose screws or broken parts, resulting in unbalanced airflow and compromised performance.

Temperature changes

A sudden change in temperature inside your house could be because the air conditioner is malfunctioning. If it suddenly starts cooling or heating up, you should immediately check the unit for any signs of damage. Another possible explanation is a faulty thermostat which causes heating and cooling system shutdowns and restarts when activated by extreme temperatures.

Low airflow

If there is low airflow in the room and your AC is not working at full capacity, it might need repairs. A clogged air filter or a faulty blower may be responsible for this problem, which usually leads to overheating of the HVAC system. You should also consider checking its coils since they are generally blocked by dirt when airflow is low. Brown patches on the edges of its fins signify that they need cleaning; otherwise, your air conditioner won’t function at optimal levels.

Malfunctioning fan speed

If one or more of the fans inside an air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly, you can expect some temperature fluctuations indoors and outdoors in different areas. That’s because the fan is responsible for pushing air inside and around your AC unit. If it isn’t working correctly, you should consider getting a heating and air company for HVAC maintenance.

Refrigerant leak

When the AC malfunctions, water from the evaporating refrigerant can pool into puddles that damage flooring materials such as hardwood. If not removed immediately with a dry cloth or towel, it can also damage furniture and paint on the walls. Consider hiring professional help to fix the refrigerant leak before it becomes more complicated than you think.

Foul odor

An HVAC unit emits a particular odor when its compressor is malfunctioning. One of the most common causes for this problem is low refrigerant levels which can cause severe damage to your air conditioner if not addressed immediately. When you start noticing unusual smells inside your home, chances are your AC system needs immediate attention.

Bad taste in the air

If you notice a very strange but distinct taste in the air, such as plastic or metal, it could be due to insufficient ventilation. A faulty filter might also cause this problem, so regularly check if your HVAC unit needs replacement before things get worse than expected. An air conditioner repair professional will be in a position to advise you accordingly on what to do.

Debris on coils and fins

The condenser coil collects dirt over time which obstructs airflow and weakens your AC’s performance. If you notice any irregular brown patches or dust on its fins, you might want to clean them; else, the entire heating and cooling system will stop working as intended. You should consider hiring help to get the job done if you’re not up to it. Continued neglect can lead to severe damage to internal components if left unattended.

Blowing hot or cold air

Air blowing either too warm or too cool could be due to a possible issue with the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, capacitor(s), thermostat control board and/or fan motor. If you notice these symptoms, it’s time for an inspection by a qualified AC technician.

Warm air coming from the vents

If your unit is producing too much heat, it could be due to an issue with its evaporator coil, which can cause severe problems if left unattended for too long. The only way to fix this problem properly is by hiring help since you need proper training and equipment to complete repairs without causing further damage to the unit.

Frequent repairs

If you notice that you’ve been calling the AC repair technician a lot lately, it’s probably because the air conditioning unit is on its last leg. It might also have been damaged by weather conditions such as high winds, which can cause severe damage not addressed. This is a sure signal that you should be thinking of a new AC installation.

Frequent cycling

When your air conditioner is constantly switching on and off, it could be due to insufficient insulation or a faulty thermostat control board. This can result in severe damage if there are no repairs conducted. Make sure you get professional help with this problem right away before things become worse than expected.

Airflow issues

Your new air conditioner needs a certain amount of airflow to function as intended, so if your vents are not blowing the right amount, it’s time for an inspection from qualified ac contractors. This problem is common with older air conditioners that have been damaged by weather conditions such as high winds or snow.

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