Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System

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Winter Is Coming to Palm Desert

It’s that time of year again. Fall is well underway. The school year has started, and the holidays are coming up. With all of that activity, the house’s HVAC system may be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Besides, the winter here doesn’t bring the same harsh cold weather that other areas see. However, winter is the perfect time in Palm Desert to evaluate the home’s HVAC system. That way, when spring and summer roll around, everyone can stay comfortable, and the energy bills can remain reasonable.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade That HVAC System

HVAC systems don’t last forever. With regular maintenance, they can undoubtedly last 10-15 years. However, eventually, the house will need a new HVAC system. Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

1. The Air Conditioner is Older Than Twitter

If the HVAC system was installed more than ten years ago, it’s time for an upgrade. As mentioned before, HVAC systems generally last between ten and fifteen years. New HVAC systems should save homeowners on heating and cooling costs almost immediately. Another symptom of an HVAC system at the end of its time is a gradual increase in heating or cooling costs. If the utility bill has been creeping up for months, it may be time to get a new HVAC system.

2. The Air Conditioner Repair Man Visits More Often than Mom

If the HVAC system seems it’s under constant repair, this may indicate that it’s time for an upgrade. Many HVAC repair costs add up over time. Homeowners may save money by ditching the old, problematic system and upgrading to a new one.

3. It’s Too Hot (or Too Cold) in the House

Comfort is critical when it comes to HVAC systems. If the house is often too hot or too cold, several things could be wrong with the home’s current HVAC system. These issues include duct problems, poor airflow, or increased humidity in the house. A unit that runs continuously but still leaves everyone in the family cold is a unit that needs replacing.

4. The HVAC System is Noisy

Any excessive noise coming from the unit or any of the home’s ducts may indicate an issue with the HVAC system. If these noises continue, contact an HVAC professional to take a look at it.

Benefits of Upgrading the Home’s HVAC System

If it’s time to upgrade the HVAC system now, luckily, there are plenty of energy-saving and money-saving innovations out there.

1. Smart Thermostats

Consider installing a smart thermostat when upgrading the home’s HVAC system. Smart thermostats communicate through Wi-Fi, and many of them have specialized apps to download on smartphones. Depending on the specific model purchased, some smart thermostats can detect when someone is coming home to make the home a comfortable temperature before they arrive. Smart thermostats are programmable as well, and some can even learn the intricacies of the house after some time, including when someone is in the house.

2. Increased Property Value

Installing a new HVAC system increases the home’s property value. This upgrade is significant for homeowners looking to sell, and many potential buyers on the market are looking for more flexible options when it comes to temperature control in the house. In addition to that, many potential homeowners are looking for energy-efficient and modernized homes. A new HVAC system can go a long way toward increasing the home’s property value and the homeowner’s bottom line when it comes time to sell.

3. Extended Warranties

New HVAC systems come with new warranties. Most modern HVAC systems come with at least a ten-year warranty, leaving homeowners to rest easy at night, knowing that they’re safe from expensive repairs and HVAC issues for at least a decade.

4. Longer-Lasting HVAC System

Modern HVAC systems are longer-lasting, more efficient, and cheaper in the long run. Consider purchasing a high-efficiency HVAC system for that Palm Desert heat in the summer, and take advantage of the on and off cycling system. This cycling system makes HVAC systems easier to maintain and repair.

Tips on New HVAC System Maintenance

Routine maintenance is vital to the continued health of the new HVAC system in the home. Keep in mind these tips after installing a new HVAC system.

1. Change the Filters

Most HVAC systems require a filter change every one to three months. If the home has pets or if anyone in the home suffers from allergies, the filters need replacing more often. Make sure to choose the correct filter for the house’s system. Otherwise, filters may disrupt or reduce the home’s airflow, which will also reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system.

2. Clean the Condensing Unit

Most air conditioning units have an outdoor condensing unit with a fan on top to help disperse heat during those hot Palm Desert summers. The metal fins on the condensing unit get clogged often with dirt and pollen. Once every season (four times a year), spray the outside of the unit with a water hose. Do not use a pressure washer as the metal fins are fragile, and high-pressured water may damage them.

3. Create Clearance Around Outdoor Unit

Make sure that the outdoor unit has a two-foot clearance on all sides. Plants, pollen, dirt, and grime can all clog up outdoor condensing units. Keeping the unit clear of all obstructions will help prevent some of that.

4. Call a Professional for Bi-Annual Maintenance

The new HVAC system should be serviced twice a year. Make sure to have a licensed professional come to perform preventative maintenance for the new HVAC system, including checking refrigerant levels, evaluating the heating operation, and monitoring the voltage on loose wires and motors.

How Can Desert Air Conditioning Help?

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