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Five Best Air Filters For Your Home

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Air Filters to Fit Every Home

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be overwhelmed by choosing the proper air filter for your home HVAC system. Specific questions arise, such as, which filter is best for my allergies or which filter is the safest for a home with children? The staff at Desert Air are well-educated in the different filters and are available to answer your questions, but here is a closer look at the best filters out there and how to choose the right one.

How To Choose an Air Filter

First, we should know what to look for in a perfect filter. Furnace filters have MERV ratings from 1 to 16, which indicates how well the filter captures and holds dirt and dust. The MERV stands for maximum efficiency reporting value. The more the MERV value of a furnace filter, the smaller the particle it can filtrate. The filter will catch particles such as pollen, pet allergens, and mold, and it won’t impede the airflow.

For the best results, the filter should be replaced every three months. Buy filters by the case and keep them close to your furnace, so you can change it as soon as you need to. This process will prevent you from procrastinating the change. Plus, buying in bulk can reduce your per filter cost.

Types of Air Filters

Basic Fiberglass Filters

With a MERV rating of 1-3, this type of filter is fundamental, disposable, and inexpensive. It will capture debris and lint from entering into the furnace, but it does not prevent pollen, mold spores, smoke, and other finer particles from entering your furnace and being blown into your home.

Basic Pleated Filters

With a MERV rating of 5-6, these filters are inexpensive, but they do need to be changed frequently to avoid clogging. Pleated filters consist of cotton and polyester, which can capture finer household dust particles.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters use self-charging electrostatic cotton or paper fibers to attract and trap microscopic airborne particles such as smoke, smog, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. There are two types of electrostatic filters permanent and disposable. The stable electrostatic has machine-washable filters that can be washed and reused for 6 to 8 years. Disposable electrostatic filters can have a higher MERV rating up to 11. These types of filters are great for homes with children or pets and those with allergies or asthma.

High-Efficiency Filters

These types of filters are quite a bit thicker than residential filters and won’t fit in any residential furnace. This situation is where the higher MERV ratings shine bright. With a rating of 14-16, they remove the finest particles from the air.

The Five Best Air Filters For Your Home

Now that you have the facts, here are five of the very best filters that fit every need for your home.

Filtrete Healthy Living Ultra

The Healthy Living Ultra is a fantastic option for anyone who needs powerful filtration to combat pet dander and bacteria. The exclusive technology helps capture unwanted particles from your household air, contributing to a cleaner, fresher home environment. This filter turns your central heating and cooling system into a whole-house air cleaner. Even though this excellent filter kicks butt, it’s best to change it still every 90 days, so the air stays nice and clean. A dirty filter can slow down the airflow and make the system work harder, wasting energy. Consumer reports show that this filter works great for people with allergies or asthma. This filter makes the perfect air for the ideal home.

FilterBuy Allergen Odor Eliminator

This filter not only captures 90% of airborne particles but also removes odors from smoke, pets, cooking, and more. The Odor Eliminator is designed to last three months with its activated carbon but should be changed more frequently if there are pets in the home.

Flanders PrecisionAire Nested Fiberglass Filter

For more than 50 years, furnace filters were made from fiberglass, and some people prefer to stick with these types of filters. One top-rated option in this category is the Flanders PrecisionAire Nested Fiberglass Filter. It may only have a MERV rating of 4 and needs to be changed more frequently, every 30 days or so, but it still does the job removing pollen and pet dander from home. This filter is very affordable if you are on a budget.

Honeywell Superior Allergen Pleated Filter

Many homeowners choose air filters that can capture mold spore particles and remove them from the air. Honeywell is a well know brand, providing clean air for over 75 years. This filter is an excellent option if you’re looking for a highly-rated filter to keep your home clean and safe. The Honeywell Superior Allergen Pleated Filter has an FPR of 9, which is comparable to a MERV rating of 11. It works hard so you can rest easy, knowing your filter is keeping the harmful particles out of the air. Reviews state there is a noticeable reduction of the dust in the air but still, say the filter should be changed every 90 days.

Nordic Pure Furnace Air Filters

This product is perfect for residential properties. Nordic Pure is made locally here in the USA and ships in certified frustration-free packaging. It has a MERV rating of 12, making it perfect for the home, probably the closest you will find to the type of filter used in hospitals. It is antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic pleated electrostatic filter material, making it allergy resistance. By adding carbon to our sturdy MERV 12 air filters, we can also catch pet odors as they pass through your ac or furnace. It’s a breath of fresh air for pet owners.

How Can Desert Air Help?

Setting up routine HVAC maintenance can help make sure the filter is changed regularly. It is starting to get cold out, so grab the phone and call today. The staff at Desert Air can help you schedule an appointment and help pick out the right filter for your home. Let them help you make your home comfortable for your family this winter.