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Air Conditioning Palm Springs, CA

Air Conditioning Palm Springs CA

Summer in Palm Springs, CA

Nothing is worse than your air conditioning crashing in the heart of the summer and then having to wait several days before someone can come out to fix it. The summer heat is so bad that most people dealing with no air conditioning go stay with friends or family until the air is back up and running. At Desert Air Conditioning Inc in Palm Springs, CA, we won’t keep you waiting. Let us send you an air conditioning contractor in Palm Springs who will deliver affordable and timely service.

The Air Conditioning Experts in Palm Springs

Desert Air Conditioning has been in business for 57 years. Not only can we get your air working quickly, we also have several air conditioning features to fit your needs.

One HVAC system upgrade that is light on your checkbook and helpful to your family’s health is a high efficiency air cleaner. These cleaners pull dust particulates out of the air as it passes through your heating and cooling system. This is an important feature because bacteria and fungus can live in the high-dust conditions of Palm Springs. Dangerous diseases like valley fever result from fungal spores mixed in with the dust. The high efficiency of our air cleaners are light on your electric bill and can be run year round, even when you are not using your air conditioning.

Another feature we offer are humidifiers. The dry air of Palm Springs can be hard on some people, drying out lungs and skin. Our humidifiers evaluate the moisture in the air and adjust it to a comfortable level. They increase humidity when heating is being used and can reduce it to manage moisture when the air conditioning is on.

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Desert Air Conditioning also offers a range of programmable thermostat options. You can arrange the temperature to be at a money-saving level while no one is in the building, yet have it ready just in time for when everyone arrives home. Besides the individual levels of comfort programmable thermostats bring, the zoning feature also offers great savings. You will save on the expense of heating or cooling your home or business when no one is there to enjoy it. You and your family will arrive in comfort while you saved money by turning the temp higher during the week days.

Another feature available with programmable thermostats is a zoning option. This includes zoning specific areas of your home, separate from the others. Does dad want his office so cool that mom gets goose bumps? This is a great way to handle everyone’s precise cooling needs. At work you can keep a conference room cooler than the surrounding offices when they are filled with warm bodies. At Desert Air Conditioning we meet all your air conditioning needs in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs offers sunshine for visitors escaping harsh winter climates. Enjoy the unbeatable desert sunsets, the daily sunshine and blue skies, and the palm-tree lined streets filled with places to eat and shop. The kids will love a day at Wet’n’Wild water park. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of Elements Spa at the Hilton Palm Springs hotel. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the unique desert beauty of Indian Canyons. This 56-square mile area has over 60 miles of trails to choose from. A 45-minute drive gets you to Joshua Tree National Park where 792,623 acres should be plenty of space to stretch your legs!

In addition to our air conditioning services in Palm Springs, we are also available when you need heat pump services, furnace repair, air conditioning, or thermostats in Indio, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, and anywhere in between!