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Air Conditioning Palm Desert


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Palm Desert
Tourist business is thriving in Palm Desert—as long as your air conditioning works! With visitors coming from much cooler climates to dry out and enjoy the sun, they are not accustomed to the high range of heat in the area. Whether you need to upgrade, maintain, or install a new air conditioning systemDesert Air Conditioning Inc has an air conditioning contractor in Palm Desert ready to meet all your needs.

Air filters, programmable thermostats, and humidifiers are just a few of the upgrades available for your business or residence. There is more that can be done with an air conditioning system than just keeping cool. Air filters help keep the level of dust down as well as filtering out allergens, fungi, and bacteria living in the dust. These filters can be a wondrous help for people suffering from respiratory concerns. The reduced dust is also a boost for cleaning too. Cut down on the number of times you have to run a duster over everything in the room!

Air Conditioning Features

The programmable thermostats we offer will help keep people happy while also saving you money. The ability to turn your air conditioning to a non-use settings means not having to pay to keep a room cool when no one is in it. These settings can be arranged so you and your family or clients have a cool room just as you need it, with hourly and daily setting options.

With zoning features, everyone can have a room-specific thermostat allowing them to choose their personal air conditioning level. Why have family or office workers fighting over the temperature when they can each be happy with their own setting?

Humidifiers are another feature Desert Air Conditioning can offer your home or business. This important upgrade adjusts the moisture level in the air. This keeps mold from growing in rooms that tend to be dark and cool while also adjusting for more moisture when conditions are very dry.

When you call a Desert Air Conditioning and heating contractor you are calling factory trained, customer service oriented professional with a fleet of fully stocked trucks ready to come out and maintain your system, add new features, or respond to an air conditioning emergency. We have 57 years of experience working in the Coachella Valley area. Our family-owned and operated company offers only the highest quality brands. We look for manufacturers offering extended warranty protection for your benefit.

At Desert Air Conditioning we have Palm Desert covered. Call now to schedule an air conditioning contractor to maintain your system before it breaks down.

Air Conditioning Services Palm Desert

Summer in Palm Desert

Palm Desert is an oasis getaway, especially for those fleeing a harsh winter climate. With palm-tree lined poolsides, golf courses galore, and in close proximity to several airports Palm Desert is a popular vacation stop. The city offers tennis and golf resorts, horseback riding, and hiking trails for you to get out and soak up the sun. If that sounds too boring you will find the adventure you seek going hot air ballooning, taking a Jeep or Hummer tour, and opting for an off-road rental. When you are ready to come inside from the heat you have as many shopping, restaurants, and spa options as you could possibly want.

In addition to our air conditioning services in Palm Springs, we are also available when you need thermostat repair, heat pump services, furnace repair, or a ductless system in Palm Springs, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, and anywhere in between!